About the Author

Starting his career as a teenager in high-school, Faisal Susiwala was turned down by a large Real Estate franchise because of his age. Sitting at the bus terminal, waiting for his bus to arrive he remembered that a gentleman his father knew owned an independent Real Estate Company. So he walked across the street knocked on the door and he met the 73-year-old man who would become his mentor. Faisal went on to become the top RE/MAX agent in Canada for most homes sold in 2018 and 2019 and highest Commissions earned as an individual Realtor for 2019. Faisal is married to Natalie his wife of 20 years and has 2 beautiful kids. He’s living the life of his dreams while inspiring and supporting his community. Read all about Faisal’s journey in his new book “The Real Deal, Journey of a Billion Dollar Broker” being released this year.